The world is fascinating! Technology and the world around us is changing much faster every day. Tech Our View, just as our name suggests, is a simple way of saying take our view on the modern world that exists, survives and thrives around us. Take our view on everyday technology that is all around us, new products and gadgets released every day, tech news, a wide variety of gadget blogs and unbiased reviews, the internet of things, lifestyle products and accessories for men and women, clothing, travel, vlogs, entertainment, science and so on and so forth. Everything that is exciting and awe striking in the society of tech and lifestyle in the present-day world, will find its spot here on our digital platform.

Tech Our View had its inception in 2013. This was a time when our prized founder and editor, Mr X was foraying into the world of digital photography. Mr X wanted to share technical know-how and knowledge with other technologists, geeks, gadget lovers and enthusiasts from around the world. Thus Tech Our View was born. As Tech Our View grew, it branched out into a full-fledged online website that features unbiased product reviews, latest tech news, detailed product analysis, software and hardware know-how, How-to videos and lots more.

Our headquarters is based in the megapolis city of India, Mumbai. Our contributors have an extensive knowledge in the field of consumer electronics, tech videos, lifestyle vlogging, product reviews and so on. Moreover, we strive to provide real-time news updates about tech from around the world and create to-the-point videos about all things that are tech and innovation.

Technology is an art and we want our readers to discover expert advice on a wide range of topics. Our editorial team understands the functioning of Mac, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. They are extremely passionate about everything that encompasses our world, from science, politics, technology, entertainment, people and more. Our team spares no effort in bringing out the best answer for our readers and in delivering honest and genuine feedback and reviews about all the products we test and about all the places we visit.

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